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Who are you?

Something that has been emphasized to me over the past few years is the importance of self-care. Since I am a single mom, this is even more important because I do not get spontaneous breaks very often. I have to be thoughtful & intentional about the time I take to make sure I am meeting my individual needs.

Recently a close friend & I discussed changes we wanted to see in our homes. I had been thinking about this before our discussion & I decided to share the impressions I had come to with her. Both of us wanted our homes to be calmer. I asked her “What is the center part of the house, what makes the biggest difference in the home?” She smiled & said, “I do.” I agreed with her, I have the most control over myself & if I am calm then my kids are calm. If I am emotional, my children follow that lead & are emotional. What helps me to be calmer … making sure my needs are met? My self-care is vital to our household, to our family.

Now let’s talk about what self-care is … I have always considered self-care to be about taking time off, having a night out with my girlfriends; a night at home without the kids so I can watch the shows I enjoy instead of always watching cartoons – I can only handle so much My Little Ponies! I have found that self-care can also be the
little things that rejuvenate us such as taking the time to put makeup on in the mornings or reading a chapter in a book before bed. These are important ways we can take care of ourselves, but I realized something that I want to take a moment to share with you.

Consider for a moment – who are YOU? I am talking about outside of everyone else around you, who are you truly? What is your true identity? Who are you at your very core?

You are a spirit Child of our Father in Heaven. Are you doing everything you need to make sure your spirit is taken care of & strengthened? Are you taking time each day to feast upon the scriptures, listen to the words of our prophets & apostles? Yes, self-care is important but make sure you are strengthening & giving care to your true self – your core part of who you are – your spirit.

Artwork by Kate Lee.


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