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Have you had that friend who you have known for a long time, that person who knows you better than most people? Who you go to when you need to talk through things, laugh out loud, or just be yourself? I have a friend like that. Someone I adore! Over the last few years, this friend has made the choice to leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While this decision broke my heart, I felt strongly that she was still the person I loved and that she had to do what she felt was best for her. We still talk deeply, and occasionally when we have dinner out she gets a drink, and I stick to my soda, she’s still my person.

Yesterday morning, we had a talk to get caught up on each other’s lives because well, we have both been busy. I did mention to her that I was working hard to get myself worthy to return to the temple when the doors reopen. She paused and then said to me, “I am going to be sad, when the next life happens and you realize that you were duped and you missed out on doing a lot of fun things in your life.” My heart dropped just a little. What could I say? What should I say? I knew that nothing I could say would change her views and her thoughts, and honestly, it wasn’t my place to try. She knows the same things I know, she knows the scriptures, she served a mission, she was raised in the church, so there were no words I could express. So instead I said, “That is a risk that I am willing to take. Even if I struggled with the church, I would still be a Christian and would still live my life a certain way.”

The main difference between my friend and I is one thing – faith. I know the things she knows, but I still believe and have faith. My question to you, is what would you have said in that situation?


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