December 8, 2020   Ali   Wellness 0 Comment

I decided that it was time to focus a little bit more on myself and how I feel about the person I am. I have made the goal to develop a better relationship with “me” and find ways to implement self care into my routines. My first goal is to feel better emotionally by improving my physical self. I have always loved playing sports ever since I was a pre-teen but as I have gotten older and had some physical issues with my knees and feet I have allowed it to hinder my physical health. Not anymore. Starting today I decided to stop making excuses and get out and move. Excuse number one has always been time. As a single mother to two young girls it has been hard for me to find time to go out for effective walks or runs that are more focused on physical well-being. Since I am working from home I haven’t used my 15 minute breaks … that stops as of today. I put on my sneakers and some layers and decided to get out and go speed walking for 15 minutes every day. It was a bit cold but I am so glad that I decided to do this. I actually really enjoyed myself. I will be checking in here regularly so you guys can help me stay accountable!


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