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“He is the One who reminds you that you are enough, that there is a place for you here. He meets you in the margins, establishes a measure to reach every heart, gathers and heals and makes whole.”
Inklings Institute

This morning I started to read the new book The Unexpected Deliverer by Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler. Early in the book I read the words, “If we hold on too tightly to what should have been, we will miss what God is doing where we are.”

In my life I have not traveled the “traditional” road. I am a single woman who has never been married, I have two beautiful daughters that were born to another that I adopted through the foster care system. It is easy to look at our lives and question why things didn’t happen the way we wanted them to. We say, “That is not how it was supposed to happen.” But is that true? Maybe our lives don’t play out according to the script that we have written for ourselves, but it is set up by someone who knows us so personally that His plan is always the better way.

At the end of the day I have tried a new practice where I look for something good that happened that day. It is getting easier to recognize the tender mercies in my life. It is amazing to see the evidence of our Heavenly Father’s love for us in each of my days. I challenge each of you to try and look for what God is doing in your life.

artwork by Jenny Fowler


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