May 3, 2021   Ali   ADHD, Neurodiversity 0 Comment

I remember as a child being excited to receive recognition when I earned Star Student or some other classroom award. I mean if I’m honest, even as an adult I still enjoy these little pats on the back.

It wasn’t until I became the part of a non neuro typical child that I realized how damaging these can be. Imagine being a child with ADHD working hard all class to earn the “pink ticket” but no matter how hard she tries, her best isn’t enough compared to the other kids in her class because she just can’t quite sit as still as the others. She walks out to meet me and says, “I didn’t get it.” Or they are always the last Star Student because all the other kids have already earned it.

While I believe kids need to be recognized may we as the adults in their lives take time to recognize the traits that make each child unique and special. To my creative, friendly, wiggly, hard-working, helper – may she always see the star that she is and may she know how brightly she shines!


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