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Tonight I loaded the girls in the van and headed out to run a few errands. Our second stop was at Deseret Book. I parked next to a white car. I didn’t immediately get out as I was instructing the girls on my expectations for their behavior in the store. I turned to open my door and noticed that the gentleman from the white car was standing outside my window indicating he wanted me to roll down my window. I wondered if I’d parked too close or if something was wrong. I unrolled the window and the gentleman leaned forward and said, “I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.” He then handed me a book. It was Elder David A. Bednar‘s new book, “The Spirit of Revelation.” I was stunned. I first didn’t know how to respond, then I yelled out to him, “Merry Christmas! And thank you this is so nice.”

This week I’ve been focusing on Elder Ulisses Soares’ talk, “The Savior’s Abiding Compassion”. He shared, “My dear friends, as we intentionally strive to incorporate a compassionate attitude into our way of life, as exemplified by the Savior, we will become more sensitive to people’s needs. With that increased sensitivity, feelings of genuine interest and love will permeate our every action. The Lord will recognize our efforts, and we will surely be blessed with opportunities to be instruments in His hands in softening hearts and in bringing relief to those whose “hands … hang down.”

This kind man didn’t know me, I do not know his name, and I’ll probably never see him again, but his compassion and desire to be charitable allowed him to be an instrument for our Heavenly Father in a way he probably didn’t realize.

May each of us open our hearts in compassion as we enter the holiday season and allow our hearts to be in tune with all we come in contact with, and that we can leave each of them with love and kindness.


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