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“Someone who is willing to be there for you, walk through fire for you, dig through dirt with you, fix the damage, enter the dark places, and the questioning places, and the aching places – the One who meets you in the most intimate places must love you.”
Emily Belle Freeman

Lately I have been pondering my relationship with the Savior. I have always felt like I knew a lot about Him but recently I realized that for all the studying I’ve done, I’ve never taken the time to truly make my knowledge personal – to truly KNOW Him.

That has been changing and I’ve realized that the reason I haven’t let Him all the way in is because I haven’t felt worthy of it. I’m trying to trust it, then tonight I read this line and it hit me. He does love me because He is there for all of it. I’ve felt Him during the good, the bad, and most especially the messy parts. He is there in the margins with no conditions. I wish for each of you reading this to know that He loves YOU, He is here for YOU, let Him walk with YOU!


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