December 9, 2021   Ali   Family, Light the World, Parenting 0 Comment

This year I decided that I wanted to help my daughters understand why we celebrate Christmas. While I think it’s fun to visit Santa, I wanted this year’s celebration to be fully focused on the Savior. Tonight I took my daughters downtown to visit the Giving Machines.

The machines are part of @churchofjesuschrist’s Light the World campaign. Each machine has options of items you can purchase as gifts for individuals around the world to help with a need they have. Options include soccer gear, hand washing stations, chickens, goats, shoes, vaccines, and more. The prices range as low as $5 up to over $100 per item. I was amazed by the selection of options. My girls chose books for indigenous children. It was so fun to see them get so excited to do this.

Go to to see if there are Giving Machines near you!


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