December 14, 2021   Ali   Family, Parenting 0 Comment

There are lots of things I could share about this girl but the one thing about her that I admire most is the way she finds joy around her. She sees the fun in everything around her. For her, life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Every person she meets is a friend to be made.

If I’m honest, in some ways she is a lot like me. I’m that person who strikes up a conversation with almost anyone. The biggest difference is that with age and experience I’ve learned to be cautious, to hesitate, to hold back a part of myself. While some lessons are good and caution is often needed, I envy her ability to jump all in.

My sweet Care Bear, may you always find excitement, joy, and fun wherever you go. May you always stop to play in the leaves, see new experiences as a chance to make new friends, and find joy in every opportunity. May the lessons of life never take away the beauty you see all around you.


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