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We go through various seasons in our lives – over the last ten years, I became a bit lax in my study of the scriptures. I realized earlier this year that I needed to be more diligent in my studies related to the gospel and in helping my daughters develop their own testimonies. I started by watching the Don’t Miss This Study each week and really pondering the scriptures. It’s like something clicked inside me and I craved my study time. My heart loved all that I was learning and comprehending.

I am realizing that Heavenly Father is blessing my efforts and granting me inspiration. I’ve had friends ask how I was finding time to do my studies when I have small children. My daughter took this picture of me while I was making dinner. I use any time I have – while preparing dinner and waiting for water to boil, I keep my study journal nearby, listen to talks on the Echo in the kitchen, etc.

The Lord is aware of where we are in our lives, and if we do the best we can with what we have, He will provide by rewarding our efforts.

I’m so grateful for this season in my life of learning and growth. And I love seeing the joy it brings to the lives of my family and their developing testimonies.


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