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A night in July 2017 changed my life forever. I had recently received a new placement of a little boy who was born months premature and was coming home at 4 months old. Things were going so well and we just loved having B in our home. He loved snuggling and music, hated his baths, and stole this mama’s heart.

Less than a week later while driving home B’s pulse oximeter started to alarm because his oxygen saturation was dropping. He dropped very quickly and by the time I pulled the car over and was able to get to him his levels were in the 20s (normal is 95-100), He had turned a bluish color and was very sluggish. I started trying to get him to breathe and he ended up throwing up and started coughing. His levels returned to normal … His levels stayed up for about 20 minutes and then he had a repeat attack.

We drove to the closest emergency room and they immediately took us back. They hooked him up to a form of oxygen & after checking his vitals he was quickly surrounded by a medical team. They quickly determined that they needed to take him via life flight up to the children’s hospital They ended up intubating him and helping him to breathe.

B was admitted to the PICU. I ended up spending the night up at the hospital with him until I had to go to work the next morning.

I do not have the words to truly express all that I experienced that night but it changed me. Luckily B survived and there is more to his story that I will continue to share. That night changed me. It changed how I look at life. It changed how I view my role as a mother. It changed me for the better. Being a foster parent has changed me and so have each of these children.


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