June 25, 2020   Ali   Family, Foster Care 0 Comment

On this day six years ago, the day started like any other. I got up early and went to work. I had no idea that something was about to happen that would forever change my life, let alone change me. A few hours later the phone would ring and the voice at the end would say, “We found her. Are you still willing to have her come stay with you?” Yes, yes, yes! From the first moment I heard her name I felt connected to her. Then when the cps worker showed up at my door and laid her in my arms, I was immediately and completely in love with her. Holding her felt so natural and yet so new and different. I had held babies before, but this was the first time I held one that would call me mom. Six years later, she still lives with me. She still calls me mom, mama, and mommy. Happy Gotcha Day Caroline. I will forever cherish June 25th, because it is the day that you entered my life and changed me for the better.


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