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Light the World Day Two: Wise Man’s Gift
What wise man or woman has blessed your life? Share your love & appreciation.

I am inspired regularly by so many amazing individuals & people I aspire to be more like … I am going to highlight one man & one woman in my next two posts … but here are a few individuals that I find inspire me on a regular basis as they share their wisdom & talents … go check them out!

Katie Wilson Hughes @thehugheshouse
Katie & I went to high school together & she has always amazed me. She is 100% genuine & lets her heart lead her in all she does. Oh & did I mention that she is CRAZY TALENTED!

Melinda Christensen @leafytreetop_planners
Melinda & I met in college where we were both in the LD Singers. I always cherish the moments when I get to see her & catch up. She started her own business Leafy Treetop Planners & I have loved watching it grow.

Heather Herbert @heatherherbert29
I met Heather & her daughter Ali at a chance meeting in a park. Heather shares her story in a way that inspires them & I am amazed by her faith & strength.

Yahosh Bonner @yahoshb
I met Yahosh when I attended the Genesis Group when my family sat behind his family. He was so kind & I decided to follow him on Instagram. I have not only been amazed by his talent but have come to admire his genuine love of life & people.

David Butler @mrdavebutler & Emily Belle Freeman @emilybellefreeman
These amazing humans remind me every day how much our Heavenly Father loves each of us. They share their knowledge & insights in their weekly episode of @dontmissthisstudy & in their books (both together & individually).

Kate Lee @kate_lee_art
Her paintings are GORGEOUS. I have a few hanging in my home but her beautiful testimony is shared not only through her paintings but her words on her posts.

Katie Page @woodandgraceblog
I related with Katie as a fellow single foster mom. Since starting to follow her page I have been inspired by her faith & her love for her family.


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