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Light the World Day Two: Wise Man’s Gift
What wise man or woman has blessed your life? Share your love & appreciation.

The Wise Woman

Back in August I read an email from @heymamaco saying that they were accepting applications to receive a year’s membership to their program. HeyMama is all about helping working mothers who are trying to grow in their career & I had earned my degree from The University of Utah & I was ready to start trying to figure out how I wanted to move forward, so I decided to take a chance & to submit an application. A few weeks later I received an email that told me that I had been awarded a Front & Center Single Moms Grant which paid for my membership to HeyMama. The timing of this was perfect as I had decided to start My Children’s Hope & I thought this would be a good resource for growth & learning. I had no idea how much this would be true. Part of my membership was access to a mentor, so I applied & was accepted into the Fall Mama Mentors group. The mentor I was paired with is Stacy Igel & man am I so lucky that I got her.

Stacy is amazing & such an inspiration to me. Every meeting she shares a quote (a woman after my own heart) & she has been guiding me & directing me on this journey. The thing about Stacy that I find inspiring is not just that she is the CEO of @boymeetsgirlusa & has done amazing things in her career, but the fact that she is a wife & mother & a believer in people – she believes in helping make dreams come true. She not only shares her wisdom with me but she encourages & inspires me to work hard. I sit in my mentor sessions with Stacy & the 7 other amazing women & think, “I am so out of my league.” Then I talk with Stacy & she makes me feel like I am this amazing human who can do anything. She is phenomenal. She wants to help people make their dreams come true & so now she is going to share her wisdom in the book she is writing! Stacy, thank you for being willing to mentor me, to share your wisdom, & for believing in me.


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