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Light the World Day Two: Wise Man’s Gift
What wise man or woman has blessed your life? Share your love & appreciation.

The Wise Man

This past month has been one of challenge & gaining perspective. A moment in time seemed like it was going to change my life. I shared this thought with my friend Tekulvē who shared with me that yes one moment in time could change your life, but “One moment does not define the entirety of your life.” This discussion gave me much-needed perspective & has made it possible for me to go forward in a healthier way. If I am honest, this is not the only time I have benefited from Tekulvē’s wisdom. I first met Tekulvē in 2015 when he was my professor in college, I took two classes from him & loved his teaching style & the way he presented ideas & forced you to think about how you viewed the world. He challenged me. After I graduated, we became friends on Facebook. Tekulvē is the type of individual who knows his mind & shares it, because of this his posts have forced me to never take myself too seriously & to continuously look inside. He constantly makes me want to be better. I am now privileged to have him work with me on the Board of Directors of My Children’s Hope & once again he is sharing his wisdom with me. Thank you Tekulvē for being you, for being an inspiration in my life, & for constantly challenging me to be better.


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