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Light the World Day Six: Magic Memory
Find a picture of a special Christmas memory you shared with a friend or family member. Share it with your loved one along with a message about why they’re important to you.

I am really blessed and have many wonderful Christmas memories but for some reason when I think of Christmas from the past, I think of the ones from the past few years the most because my memories of Christmas with my daughters are the most special.

The memory I want to share is from my first Christmas with Caroline. Having her there for Christmas was so special and I remember trying to embrace every moment of it. One night I was getting ready for bed and Caroline had woken up, I went and picked her up from her crib and held her in my arms. I walked downstairs to the living room and sat in the rocking chair. The only lights on in the room were the ones on our Christmas tree. I started to softly sing the hymn, “Silent Night” to her in German. As I sat there I had the most peaceful feeling come over me. It was a warm feeling and I felt loved. I looked down at my daughter and immediately thought of the baby Jesus and of Mary holding him. This little girl was my gift, my miracle sent to me from a loving Heavenly Father.

I have not talked about this night very often, but it is a moment in time that has stayed with me ever since. To my beautiful daughter, I love you. You are a gift to me. Every day I look at you and count all the ways you are a blessing in my life.


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