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Light the World Day Seven: Health Caring
Express love for someone who cared for you or a family member in the past year.

Man a lot of people have shown care to use this past year, but the first person who came to mind was Art. Art is that person who is not biologically related to you, but you swear is part of your family. Art was my grandfather’s best friend, and even after my grandpa passed away he has stayed in our lives. While Art has always been kind to us, ever since the beginning of Covid, he has been even more of a blessing.

At the beginning, he would show up a couple of times a week to help me with projects in the yard – helping pull shelves out of my shed, cutting down low-hanging branches, pulling weeds, etc. Next, he literally tore down two overgrown bushes that I had wanted to get rid of since purchasing my home. In the winter he would show up and shovel my walk without me realizing it. If I even mention I need something done, the next thing I know, he is there helping do it. When I returned to work full-time he came over during the day and let my dogs outside so they weren’t in the crate the entire time. There are days I will show up at home and he will have done my dishes I didn’t get to that morning.

And while I appreciate all of these projects and the help he provides, what I appreciate the most is the love he shows my girls. He has gone to every one of Caroline’s dance recitals and comes to soccer games where he cheers so loudly for my girls. He finds out what their favorite treats are and surprises them by bringing them by. He leaves them chalk drawings on our driveway for them to find when they get home from school and daycare. He taught Caroline how to ride her bike. He is truly one of the most charitable and giving individuals I have ever met and I am so blessed that he is a part of our lives and chooses to share his love with us.

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