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Light the World 2021 – Day One: Let Your Love Shine
Jesus expressed love for others. Share a “top 3 things I love about you” message with at least three people. Then tag them on social media and invite them to do the same.

This was so hard for me to narrow it down to just three individuals because I am so blessed to be loved and be inspired by some amazing people.

Tamra Baker-Ashby
1. You see the best in people. You have a way of looking at someone and seeing their hearts. This is truly a gift and I am blessed daily because you share it with me.
2. Your desire to make the world better. You know we live in a world that can be hard and dark at times, but you jump in and try to be part of the solution because you want to teach your children by example that it is our job to have charity and love.
3. Your faith. We have talked about this individually, but I am amazed at the way even when life is hard how you directly go toward to the Lord … you use your faith in your parenting, your marriage, your friendships, and more.

Michelle Ostmark
1. Your strength and resilience always amaze me. Life has thrown some hard mountains to climb which have blocked your path, and while I know you have struggled with some, you use these experiences to make you a more compassionate and loving individual.
2. Your heart and ability to forgive. You take the time to truly see what is beneath the surface of individuals and give them compassion and love even when they do not feel they deserve it.
3. You are such a hard worker who puts your heart into everything you do. You put “people” as a priority and work so hard for your family, your co-workers, friends, foster parents, and more.

Megan Cook
1. You are the most amazing mother! While parenting has hard moments and can be busy, you are so amazing at how you see the individuality in each of your children and you have such a loving and calm parenting style and I aspired to be more like you that way.
2. Your large tender heart! You love so completely, and it is amazing to me, and I feel blessed to be one of the people you share it with! You check on me and want to make sure I am doing okay and it makes me feel so loved.
3. You are so creative! I keep finding talents you have, and I am like … what can’t she do?!?!?

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