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Light the World Day Nineteen: From Luke 2 You
Remind yourself of the true reason for the season by reading a few passages of the Christmas story from Luke 2 in the Holy Bible.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

My calling at church is to teach the children in our congregation each week. Our primary is small in size, consisting of 4 children who attend regularly between the ages of 4 and 11. In preparing my lessons I try to find ways to teach so that it is simple enough for our youngest students yet challenging enough for the older students.

This week I prepared my lesson to incorporate in the fact that we will be celebrating Christmas in a few days. I asked the kids what they were most excited about as they waited for Christmas to come. The answers included getting gifts, being with family, and singing songs. I then asked them if they knew why each of those things was an important part of celebrating Christmas.

I then shared step by step about the story of our Savior’s birth as recorded in Luke and Matthew. We talked about the star that appeared in the sky, the angel who shared the birth with the shepherds, the hosts of heavens rejoicing, the gathering of the shepherds to worship Him, and the Wisemen who traveled to bring Him gifts to honor Him.

Each of these is a piece of a story that Christians know well. Yet at this season of the year, symbols surround us reminding us of Him. The star on top of the tree shines out to each that Christ was born. The angels that cover our tables and other decor share this joyous news. The Christmas Carols we sing are our praises as we rejoice at His birth, we gather with family and friends to honor Him, and we give gifts as a reminder of the wisemen’s gifts, but also for the gift of our Savior to each of us.

I challenged my students and I challenge each of you to take time during this busy week to look for these simple reminders all around us. May we remember Him. May we praise His name. May we take time to rejoice in His birth and His life.

Artwork by Emily Shay.


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