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As a single mom, my job has always been an important part of my life. It is where I provide for my family, where I challenge myself, and where I use my skills to help others. In 2015, I went back to school and received an Associates Degree in 2017 and a Bachelors Degree in 2020. Earlier this year I started following @heymamaco and receiving their newsletters. In a recent email they announced they were taking applications from single moms for a chance to earn a year’s membership to their community. I took a chance and found out this week that I was awarded one of the grants! Hey Mama is amazing! The purpose of Hey Mama is to bring together working mothers — entrepreneurs, advisors, executives, founders, builders, and makers of all kinds — to provide each other with support, connection, and collaboration at every stage of life and career. It’s time to invest in myself and I appreciate Hey Mama helping me do it!


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