January 12, 2020   Ali   Foster Care 0 Comment

Foster care has cost me a lot (thank heavens not my family or friends) but I have gained so much more. Tonight I spoke with one of the foster parents that I mentor and I thought back to earlier times on this journey. Six years ago when I decided to take the training to become a foster parent I felt like it was something I was led to do, but I had no idea what they actually meant. Opening my home was easy … opening my heart was even easier and from the moment I got that first call six years ago this month I went in headfirst and have never looked back. I am truly a different person. I am a different friend. I am a mother … to two of the most beautiful little girls in the world. I just hope that whatever the future brings for me that I can continue to take what I have gained as a foster parent and use it to make the world better.

Thank you to Real Life Foster Mom for the graphic.


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