August 10, 2019   Ali   Family, Foster Care 0 Comment

Last night my tribe came together and threw me an adoption shower. They knew that this past year has been difficult as we’ve gone through my most recent foster care case. When they offered to throw me a shower to celebrate my upcoming adoption I was honored. Being in a room with my closest friends celebrating such a wonderful time proved to me just how blessed I am. Every person who welcomes a foster child into their home doesn’t do it alone. Each foster parent is backed by a group of people who listen when they cry, go with them for pedicures when life seems overwhelming and you need some self-care, make you laugh at the absurd, swears when someone hurts you, meets you at the hospital when you need a break for a shower because you’ve had puke on you for ten hours and you can’t leave your child alone, texts you to make sure you are okay when you had to take your foster daughter for a brain MRI. These are only a few things that my village has done for me these past six years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.


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