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Last month I decided to choose myself. Well right after that decision I had my annual mammogram done and they found a mass in my left breast. I knew that breast cancer ran in both sides of my family and that made me high risk but I am only 43 years old so I wasn’t expecting to deal with it at this point in my life. After doing a breast ultrasound, spot mammograms, and a needle biopsy they discovered that the mass was not malignant (hallelujah). While I was extremely grateful for this news in many ways this experience was a wake-up call. I researched factors related to breast cancer and obesity can increase your risk for breast cancer. This has been on my mind the past two weeks and on Tuesday I decided it was time to take control and truly choose me. So here is my extremely open post that I wanted to share of you. I am doing this post so I can be honest not just with you guys but with myself. I want a place to be accountable.

I am now four days in to these changes and I love this new routine. It is still early but I am excited for these changes and am excited to be starting this new journey.

Thanks for letting me share this with you.


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