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This morning I got up and started my morning rituals to get prepared to head into work. After fighting my daughters to get out the door, I dropped my youngest off at daycare then continued to drop my oldest off at her elementary school. While waiting in the drop off at the elementary school a text message rang on my phone, I looked down and my immediate reaction was “Ugh!” It was from the daycare saying my youngest was coughing and that I needed to come pick her up. I was already tired and it wasn’t even 9:00 am and now I was worried about having to tell my boss I wasn’t able to come into the office and not just for today but for two days (since I had to wait for her to go back until she had gone 24 hours without symptoms). As I drove to pick her up I was venting the entire way, then as I saw my daughters face as they brought her out to me, I immediately felt peace and knew that there was nowhere I would rather be than with this sweet girl.

I sent an email to my boss and explained the situation. While I still felt guilty, I knew this is where I needed to be and I am blessed to have a boss that knows the priority of family. I then curled up on the couch and snuggled my daughter and watched a cartoon. She fell asleep on my lap and as I ran my hand through her ringlets, I felt this amazing joy at being her mother. I have never wanted anything more than I wanted to be a mother; I truly feel called to this role. The work on my desk will be there tomorrow, the emails can be replied to at a later time, but the moments I shared with my daughter today are priceless and are fleeting. She is growing up fast. My last baby girl so I am glad I was able to have a day cuddling with her and enjoying her little spirit.

May we always remember that our children’s care is primary … as it is to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for the reminder Sister Joy D. Jones.


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