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I had an experience five years ago today where someone made a comment to me about being a single parent and I want to share some of what I said in response. Please do not pretend to understand what is going on with someone else … do not judge them because their choices may not be the same as yours.

This may have been written 1825 days ago but I remember vividly how I felt when this situation occurred. I chose this path …. is it hard? Do I break down thinking I’m not enough? Do I wish my girls had a strong male role model in our home? Yes to all of these questions and more …. but this is where I was led. This is what I chose. I’m nothing special …. this is just the path I was led on and these two beautiful girls were entrusted to me by a loving Heavenly Father. I pray every day to be the best mom I can be and hope it’s enough.

I am at a point where I know I have made the right choice in becoming a mother even though it is not the way I imagined it. And I will not allow other people to make me feel bad for making the choices I have.

I am raising my daughter. Yes she has to be cared for during the day because I have to make a living to help provide for us. I would give anything to have the chance to be a stay home mom. What a luxury that would be, but I feel blessed to have my mother willing to help so I know that my daughter is getting the very best care.

I have never and will never feel sorry for myself for being a single parent. I knew what I was choosing when I took on this responsibility. Caroline has been nothing but a complete and total blessing and a source of joy for me and I am so grateful Heavenly Father chose my home for her to come into.


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