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“A good mom has bad days and great days and normal days and overwhelming days and perfect days and super mom days and just being a mom days and a whole lot of love and real and crazy motherhood days.”

Being a mom is a hard job. I know that no one out there who is a mother would disagree with that statement. We’ve all had that moment where you reach the point of exhaustion because you are in a public place and your child is throwing a tantrum, making a mess, running off, etc. Tonight was one of those moments for me. My older daughter was in her dance lesson and I was sitting in the waiting area with a handful of parents while my 18-month-old was running around. She discovered some pictures taped to the wall and grabbed one off and threw it on the floor. I walked over, hung up the picture, and carried my daughter back to my seat. This turned into a game for my daughter. She’d run back to the wall pull one or two more pictures down until I could make it back to get her. On the fourth trip to grab her, I was exhausted so I pushed her towards our seat while trying to pick up the five pulled-down pictures. Not realizing how close she was to the edge of the carpet; I didn’t know that my shove was just enough to cause her to trip and fall forward hitting her forehead on the wood floor. I immediately felt horrified, but that feeling intensified as a mother looked at me with judgment in her eyes. I grabbed up my girl and held her tight. It took everything in me to not run out the door right then. I hadn’t meant for my daughter to get hurt. I share this because I want to remind each of you out there that might be reading this to not judge another mother. Instead, have empathy because you have no idea what that mama has been through …. maybe she was up all night and is existing on three hours of sleep, maybe she had a rough day at work, maybe she’s spent the last few days taking care of sick children, and maybe you will never know what has happened. No matter the reason be kind. Instead of judging or mom-shaming think back to a time when you had one of those moments and how you felt. Your kindness might be what convinces her she’s alright and gives her the hope to keep trying.


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