One of the areas of my life that brings me the most joy is the ability to create and use my imagination.

Growing up I loved to take art classes, especially drawing. In high school I did a lot of pencil drawings. While I enjoyed drawing and doing lettering the area I enjoyed the most was photography.

During my childhood I carried a 110 camera with me almost everywhere I went and I loved to fill up my rolls of film with pictures of just about everything. The pictures were never anything special but I just loved trying to get different angels and see what I could come up with. During my college years I purchased a SLR camera and enrolled in a class at the local community college. My teacher taught me about composition and looking at things from a new angel. I loved to randomly find subjects and take pictures, from friends children, co-workers engagement pictures, and more. I played with the depth of field, the aperture settings, speeds, and more. I especialy loved the process of being in the dark room. My friend and I would go find new places to take pictures. One time we almost got arrested taking pictures by the railroad tracks.

To this day I still enjoy taking pictures and I think I drive my children crazy with it to be honest.