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“Mothers know intuitively, instinctively that [motherhood] is a sacred trust of the highest order.”
Jeffrey R. Holland

I knew I always wanted to be a mother. And while this is not my first Mother’s Day, this past year has changed how I view my role as a mother. This year I have cherished the blessing it is to be the mother of these two girls, I’ve tried to slow down and really focus on my time with them. And man, I’m so lucky!!!! I get to learn from their determination, creativity, spontaneity, talent, etc. They teach me as we have dance parties in the living room, as we sing in the van, as they ask questions during scripture study, as they explore the backyard. They teach me what it means to truly live and they bring me closer in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am so lucky to be a mom; and not just any mom, the mother to Caroline and Elise.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! May each of you not only be celebrated today, but may you celebrate how blessed you are to get to experience this role!!!!


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