August 18, 2019   Ali   Foster Care 0 Comment

My youngest daughter has a head full of curls. She is biracial which includes African American ancestry. When she was about four months old I noticed that the texture of her hair was changing. The top of her head was still fine and straight but the back was becoming dry and course. I started to ask advice of friends. I was told to use olive oil or pure coconut oil. I learned quickly that the pure oils were too much for my sweet girl. I started to google different products, joined a transracial adoption group and hunted through Pinterest. This experience taught me a lot. First biracial hair and stick straight blonde hair are completely different. Next that what works for one child doesn’t work for another. Here we are 8 months later and I finally feel confident in doing my daughters hair. I love the time I spend tending her curls and have found why people with natural hair feel pride in it. I feel a great responsibility for my daughter to love this piece of herself. I hope she one days loves her crown as much as I do.


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